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WEB Program at AMS

WEB is a part of The Boomerang Project. It is a peer mentoring and student transition program. Benefits from the program include better academic performance and fewer discipline issues, as well as fostering a safe and efficient learning environment. 

At the middle school, WEB stands for “Where Everybody Belongs”. The high school counterpart is called LINK. 

The AMS WEB program focuses on two main goals:

  1. Support our 6th grade students
  2. Be positive leaders for our school.

The AMS WEB Leaders are 8th grade students who applied to be a WEB Leader as well as students who were recommended by staff members. Each student who applied to be a WEB Leader filled out an application and answered essay questions about why they wanted to be a part of the program.

WEB Leaders attended two training days: one in May and the other in August before school started. During the training, they learned how to present and facilitate the activities they did with their 6th grade WEB group the first day of school as well as group management and leadership skills. They participate in additional leadership training at least once per month. There is a great emphasis during all training about the “Power of One”, that is the power that one person has to make a positive impact in the life of another person.

Two WEB Leaders are paired with approximately ten 6th grade students for the entire school year. They began the year by calling their group members before the first day of school to welcome them and answer any questions. They also spend the first half of the first day of school with their WEB groups leading them in a series of activities to get to know one another, the school, and give tips for succeeding in middle school.

WEB Leaders are encouraged to interact with their 6th grade WEB groups a minimum of once per month. Examples include a phone call to check in, leader-initiated communication and/or events, scavenger hunts, after-school social activities, and more.

WEB is a great transition program to help 6th grade students adapt to their new school in a positive way. We also know that the WEB program provides outstanding leadership training and experiences for our 8th grade WEB Leaders. We have been amazed and so proud of the growth we see in the WEB Leaders each year, and we are eager to see the positive impact WEB will continue to have for our school, students, and staff.