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AMS Pre-Enrollment for Current 7th Graders / Future 8th Graders

Posted Date: 03/23/2020

AMS Pre-Enrollment for Current 7th Graders / Future 8th Graders
Greetings AMS families! As we embark on a new way of education with the implementation of USD 385 Continuous Learning, we also want to look to the future with positivity and excitement. I know your students are very excited about their 8th-grade opportunities and the upcoming 2020-2021 school year! Your student has completed this process last year as a 6th grader, so they will be familiar with the screen and process. It is super quick and easy!
1) Please take a few minutes to log-in to PowerSchool, click on the Class Registration link on the left, and follow the instructions to pre-enroll your student in his or her classes. 
2) Your student will need to select the corresponding 8th-grade Math class to their 7th-grade Math class (for example, if your student is in Math 7, select Math 8; if your student is in Math Accel, select 8 Math Accel; if your student is in 7 Math with Support, select 8 Math with Support). If any of the math placements need to be changed, we will work with your student's math teacher to make those changes and be in communication with you regarding those changes. Be sure to enroll your student in BOTH semesters of math (there should be two boxes showing - one for 1st semester, one for 2nd).
3) Your student will also need to select his or her Elective options. If your student has applied to be a student aide for the 20-21 school year, please advise them to go ahead and make class selections, and we will manually place them in the aide positions when those have been determined. Your student should have four semesters (boxes) selected. Remember, Band is ALL year, so would account for 2 of the 4 semesters. Boys or Girls Choir can also be taken for a full year and might account for 2 of the 4 semesters. 
3) If your student has any interest in learning a stringed instrument or participating in a stringed orchestra, please note that as well. If not, please don't select. There are three levels - beginner, intermediate, advanced. We are not exactly sure what Strings will look like yet, so we are just trying to determine the interest level. 
4) Once you have all green check-marks on the right- hand side of your screen, please hit the submit button. AMS counselors will receive your student's 8th-grade class requests and will do their best to place students accordingly. 
5) Lastly, if your student has any interest in applying to be one of our amazing WEB Leaders for the 20-21 school year, please click the following link to apply via a Google Form.  
Amber Fetters, School Counselor (A-K)
Andover Middle School
1628 N. Andover Rd. 
Andover, KS 67002
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