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Haley Dotson


Miss Dotson’s Online Classroom

6th Grade Keyboarding & Computer Basics
7th/8th Grade Newspaper & Yearbook

Materials required each day:

- Pencil                             – Agenda Book

- Headphones                   – Library Book

Make-Up Work:

School policy states that students have two days for every day they were gone to make up work due to illness. 

Students may schedule make-up work ahead of time with Miss Dotson in order to make-up keyboarding lessons.

Students absent from Computer Basics class are expected to make up work missed. Many times, assignments may build on what has been accomplished the previous class day. For each day absent, school policy allows students two (2) days (an A day and a B day) to make up the work. However, the quicker the student is able to get caught up, the better.  ASSIGNMENTS MUST BE COMPLETED IN ORDER AS ASSIGNED.

Acceptable Use Policy:

All students are expected to use school computers and the Internet appropriately to support educational learning. Students should not damage or change any computer, network, etc. Violators will be referred to the office, conduct point or detention assigned, and parents will be contacted.  

Haley Dotson

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