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Raehpour, Michael

Welcome to Virtual Band!


All students will be using Google Classroom for our Continuous Learning. Students should have received an invitation for this via email. From Google Classroom, I will have instructions on using multiple programs for us to learn including: Flipgrid, Zoom, and SmartMusic. Please make sure you have your instrument (Plus mouthpice, reeds, sticks/mallets) and band book. This will be a new adventure so please email me any questions you have!


Office Hours

While I always try to respond to emails within 24 hours, I have a set of office hours where I will be at my computer able to make a very quick response to any questions you have. Below are my office hours:

Monday: 10AM – Noon

Tuesday: 10AM – Noon & 5PM – 7PM

Wednesday: 10AM – Noon

Thursday: 10AM – Noon