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Wednesday, May 13

Good morning – Thanks to those of you who ZOOMED-in yesterday.  I hope the last lesson of the year makes sense to you and you have some fun doing it!  Most of you know I love football, so I love the Super Bowl, but I also love a good commercial.  I can’t wait to see what kind of advertisement  (print or video) you create to promote AMS!  

Please go back in and catch up on anything that you still have unfinished...Giver Quizzes, Final Essay...whatever.  

This is the FINAL amount of points that will be available in the gradebook:

Grammar 60/60

Writing  75/75

Reading 150/150

Finally, thank you to everyone who sent nice emails about my new grandson, Jacob Daniel.  He was born early at 5 lb 7 oz.  He had to stay in the hospital a little extra, so this grandma had a couple extra little ones to watch.  I hope I got all your emails answered quickly.  Hang in there, we are almost done with this crazy adventure!


Thursday, May 7 –

If you missed the zoom on Tuesday, I tried to answer questions about the essay.  Many of you have it turned in and have done at least one or two corrections with me.  If you haven’t turned your first copy in yet, you are at least a week if not two weeks behind.  It IS the last writing project for me, but it is worth 25 of your 60 poiints in writing.     If you are missing one of your “Giver” quizzes, please go back in and take it.  Those can  be taken any time.  I apologize for not having the settings correct yesterday for 16-18.  If you need to go back and correct, please do….but after you double check the reading.  I am updating points in my gradebook is what’s available:

Grammar – 60/60

Writing – 55/60

Reading 125/125


Thursday, April 30 – 

Here are some updates for today!  I have been very busy editing and grading final essays!  Those that have been turned in are looking great!  Please remember, under NORMAL circumstances I would be walking around the room answering questions as you raised your hand five or six returning your paper five or six times is the SAME!  Please don’t think you are doing a bad job or I am being extra hard on you...we just aren’t together doing this the normal way!

I am updating grades all day today.  Here is what will be available for you in points now…

Grammar – 60/60

Writing – 55/60

Reading 100/100

I’ve noticed some people did the noredink Quiz about Chocolate Milk (20 points) but did NOT do the three-part practice woth 10 points.  If you did not do the practice, please go back and complete that part of the exercise.

Please remember, email is the best way to contact me...I don’t always see your notes in Google Classroom as quickly!

Tuesday, April 28 –

Here is a re-cap of what was discussed during our Zoom this morning at 10:00. 

  1.  Don’t forget you can retake your Giver quizzes to get a better grade!  Always start by reviewing the vocabulary on the Stream page of Google Classroom.
  2. Before you start your final essay, you must have parts 1 and 2 turned in and graded.
  3. Watch the Week 4 video before starting your final essay AND be sure to use the attachments to guide you along.
  4. In your essay, avoid the personal pronouns “YOU” and “I”...this is not a friendly essay, it is informative.
  5. Avoid phrases such as “I’m going to tell you about….I hope you learned….”  those are elementary phrases.  I KNOW you are telling me; I’m reading it.  If you did a good job, I DID learn!
  6. Send me your final essay as often as you want.  I will edit and return for you to fix.  The grade will show me how many times we  are sending it back and forth...and NO – you will not be sending it 25 times!
  7. I hope everyone (and your parents) are starting to understand the grading system and the rhythm of how I am assigning work.  Again, please email me for fastest  response to any questions!

Friday, April 24 – Happy Friday everyone!  If you are like me, my days are all kind of running together.  I have loved reading the “Reading Journal” and finding out what you all are reading!  I finished a book today, so I’m getting ready to go back to my bookshelf and find something else.

Many of you have sent me emails about the assignments for this week.  My first response has been...”Did you watch the lesson video?”  The video explains the process and I attached all the “handouts” that I show in the video. I am here to HELP you but start by looking at what I give you. 

We are a little over halfway through The Giver (page-wise) and you guys are doing awesome on the weekly quizzes.

If you, OR YOUR PARENTS have questions, please email me.  I check my email almost continuously from 6:00 am to 9:00 pm.  Your question may help someone else as well!

GRADES:  As of today, Wednesday, April 22, these are total points available to earn:

Reading: 75          Writing:  30         Grammar:  30

Please remember you can go back and correct your quizzes AND be looking to see if I returned writing for corrections!

You guys are doing a great job!  Hang in there!


Tuesday, April 21 – Thank you so much for your help!  The assignments turned in Friday and Monday looked much better.  It is always better to send me a quick email with a question about the assignment than to have to redo it later!

I apologize about the Zoom today.  Last time I heard from a few people “Sorry, I forgot about it becasue you sent out the invitation a few days back”.  So this time I decided to send it the morning of...which obviously didn’t work well because today I heard, “I didn’t see the invitation until this afternoon.”  Going forward, we have a Zoom scheduled for every Tuesday morning from 10:00 – 10:30.  Hope to see you next week.

Finally, you should have all been notified by now if you were assigned an Aide position for next year, a spot as a WebLeader, or placed in Advanced ELA.  I know some of you are thrilled and some are disappointed.  I have received emails from people on both sides.  Please know that these decisions involved a lot of people, schedules and coordination.  Your 8th grade year will be as wonderful as YOU choose to make it and I have every confidence you will make it great.  Be a leader wherever you find yourself –  that’s what a true leader does!

Friday – April 17

Please do me a favor and read and follow instructions.  I am falling behind on your grading because I am having to send things back with “this isn’t what you were asked to do”.  It’s not  that your work is right or wrong, it’s that it’s not the work I asked for.  Your help is GREATLY appreciated.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 16 -

I hope things are starting to settle in for everyone and lessons are making sense.  It was good to see several of you at our Zoom on Tuesday.  We will have another next Tuesday from 10:00 – 10:30.  Please remember you can email me ANY time about your assignments.

I think a skill we are working on right now, even though it wasn’t in the plans, is following directions.  PLEASE read the directions before submitting your assignments.  I am having a lot of assignments turned in to GoogleClassroom done incorrectly...I send it back, but then you don’t go in and look to see it needed fixed and resubmitted.  Believe it or not, I am still re-grading the very first assignment for some people.  

If you haven’t caught on, our writing is PROGRESSIVE!  Please just do the small part I ask for and submit it.  You will be graded for THAT PORTION and then you will add to it the next week.  This process will help both of us, otherwise I would have to grade/return/grade/return 70 lengthy papers multiple times.

Finally – YES, it is okay if you go ahead and read  the whole Giver book now, something I ask you not to do in class, but be sure to go back to the chapters for answers.

GRADES:  As of today, Tuesday, April 14 these are total points available to earn:

Reading: 25          Writing:  20          Grammar:  30

The total at the end of the 9-weeks is 60 points each at this time.


Monday, April 13

It is inservice and grading day for me.  There are several of you that need to start, correct or complete things.  PLEASE check your email or the comments on assignments you turned in.

We have a ZOOM tomorrow af 10:00.  Please try to join in, I am going to be explaining how grades are going in the gradebook.  They will look VERY different.

Finally, an apology from me.  I didn’t realize I didn’t attach the vocab slides to the first reading assignment.  Those of you that missed those questions on the quiz...sorry!

Speaking of quizzes, you MAY use your book and you may also retake!  Try it the first time on your own if you can…

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, April 9

Today I sent everyone an email about what was due by tomorrow.  Please take a second to look at it.    Make sure you have read chapters1-4 in The Giver, we will move forward next week.

My office hours are listed on my webpage because they are required, but PLEASE email me ANY time you have a question.  I’m always checking my email.  If you leave a comment in Google Classroom, it may be a while before I see it.

NO SCHOOL part of Easter Break we are not having “CLASS”...

Wednesday, April 8

I beleive all technology issues have been fixed...except the fact that  I sent you a cheesy announcement about Grades on Google Classroom Stream.  Please check out the new assignment due on Monday, and if you have not done your assignment from last week, jump on that!  Chapters 1-4 of the Giver and the Quiz are also due on Friday.

Tuesday, April 7

Still a small tech issue, but I hope  to have the last part of this week’s lesson downloaded Wednesday bright and early!

Monday, April 6

Updates:  We were having a little trouble with the audio link for The Giver, but I think I got it reset.  FIRST, YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LISTEN TO THE BOOK, THAT IS A CHOICE  I AM GIVING.

If you do want to listen, get to chapter 1 by clicking on the LONG link.  If it doesn’t start at 0:00, drag the bar back!  I hope what I did fixed it.

Block  1-2, for some reason, your NO RED INK assignment for Direct Objects was scheduled to start big deal, I fixed it and you may start any time.

I emailed several of you separately.  Some of you did not turn in last weeks assignments.  I need to know if something isn’t working for you, you are having to share technology with siblings, you just don’t want to do me and let me know what is going on.

If you had one of MY library books checked out, just bring it back to me next year!  I will be in the library and you know I would love to see you!!!  No worries!

The tech crew solved my issue, so I will be downloading additional things tomorrow.

And Finally….I will be having a 30 minute HOMEWORK HUB ZOOM tomorrow night from 7-7:30 for anyone who needs to jump on.  I will send the invitation out later today.



Sunday, April 5

Hey everyone – I am having a little trouble with some of my technology so there is a video and a lesson ready to go for Monday morning and another one will be posted later.  I turned in a tech request to Mr. Boughton but he said it would have to be passed on to the district people.

I have about 25 people who have not turned in or corrected their Book Cover assignment from Week 1.  Please check Google Classroom to see if yours was graded or returned.

Thursday, April 2

My “office hours” today are 9-11 and 7-8, but of course you may email me any time.  Here are a few things I have heard today from student emails.

Some people were having issues opening the video.  It works best if you are in a Chromebook.  If you cannot get it to open, let me know!!!

There was also an issue with the Reading Journal (which is optional).  I believe I got it fixed as well (Thanks Mrs. Phelps)!

Thanks to Lily and Jack who have been my guinea pigs on some things.  I appreciate you.

My plan is to have a Zoom “Study Hall” once a week for about 30 minutes.  This will allow us to work on things together if we need to.  Remember I can only open the Zoom meeting if I have at least two students.

Apparently there are issues with noredink as well.  I assigned prepositions, prepositional phrases and direct objects.  These may have all opened together, since they are related, and you may have completed all of them.  No worries, that’s good news for you!

In case you were not in on the Zoom...there are NO STATE ASSESSMENTS and you will NOT have to take the final STAR.


Wednesday, April 1

Great stuff….If you haven’t joined Mrs. Chapman’s Google Classroom REALLY should.  One thing I want to promote  that she has created for you…

Under her “Classwork” tab there is a google doc for “ ebooks and audiobooks”….for those who were wanting  to know how to get books to read or listen to at home, she did the work for us!

Don’t forget, AR doesn’t exist for the rest of the year.  If you want to try and find a quiz for fun, go to one of the two links on my Reading Page. ***Book Adventure has changed!  They are no longer offering their big list of tests for free.  There are only about a dozen… I removed both links since they were not as advertised.  I am looking for other ways to quiz for those of you who like to do that.  STRICTLY OPTIONAL

March 31 – 

Good morning!  Our morning Zoom is now done.  I have sent the email for the evening.  ANYONE is welcome for any amount of time.

I will have the lessons for this week on the Lesson Plans page of my website AND in Google Classroom tomorrow morning.  Everything will have a due date listed...if you have issues, please email me and let me know.

I will set up a Zoom time for homework discussion and send an invite next week.

Here is what I found out about Aide positions and Advanced Language Arts:

     Aide positions should be posted on the AMS Web Page in the next 2 weeks (teachers have not had time to look at all the lists yet)

     Advanced Language Arts applicants should know something by early next week.  

Mrs. Rose asked me to remind ALL of you to get on to Power School and complete your class registration for next year.  She is missing about 100!!

And ALWAYS, email me if you have ANY concerns or questions, ANYTIME!


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