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AMS Social Contract

AMS Social Contract


All students at AMS will have the opportunity to build a social contract as a school and will be expected to abide by the items listed on the TROJAN contract. Social contracts are agreements made among teachers and students that hold us accountable for how we treat others. Four important questions guide the creation of each contract: How do I (the student) want to be treated by the teacher or other staff members? How do you as students want to be treated by each other? How do the students think I (the teacher/staff) want to be treated? How do you want to treat each other when there is conflict?

By agreeing on the terms listed on the social contract, trust is built and a school family can be formed. We would expect students to “Behave In” and follow the social contract, but we know that there may be times that “Behave Out” occurs. If students break the social contract and “Behave Out”, they will receive one of four consequences (verbal warning, four questions for redirection, call home/conduct card, office referral). 

My Promise to You…

I will never embarrass, humiliate, or criticize you.  I hope to provide a learning environment that allows every student to feel safe and secure as an individual.  Let’s have a great year!