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Computer Basics

Focus of 6th Grade Computer Basics

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This is a hands-on class where together we discover new ways to use computers as tools for learning. In addition to learning keyboarding skills, we connect computer applications to real-life problems and life-long learning tools. Students can expect to use a variety of software programs, including Google Apps for Education, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, as well as simulation software as we navigate through the class projects and learning objectives. The emphasis in the course is on the development of speed, accuracy, digital citizenship and using technology resources to create projects and assignments.


By the end of 6th grade, students will be able to:

  1. Think critically:

    • which programs, tools, and strategies work best for what activity

    • devise solutions to problems based on past knowledge

    • troubleshoot; find alternatives.

    • work collaboratively and draw on everyone’s knowledge

    • research answers effectively, efficiently, and ethically

  2. Employ problem-solving skills:

    • use available tools to solve a problem

    • critically think about a problem; focus on pertinent details

    • present information in a way others can understand

    • make sense of data

  3. Transfer knowledge:

    • other parts of academic and social life

    • publish and share online as a means of collaborating and seeking criticism

    • create a digital portfolio accessible from many locations

    • link information to others

  4. Be a good digital citizen:

    • learn to thrive in the digital world

    • learn fundamentals of research, search, social media, and communication

    • understand rights and responsibilities inherent to digital world and those who inhabit it.

  5. Learn fundamental tech skills:

    • learn to type faster than you can think

    • know how to word process in various programs (i.e., Word, Google Docs, Excel, Google Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, Google Slides, blogs)

    • use spreadsheets to turn data into information

    • make presentations that are efficient, effective, and interesting

    • understand tech hardware and how to troubleshoot when needed

    • learn digital devices needed to thrive in a learning community

    • know what online tools are available and what they can be used for

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