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Student Publications

Andover Middle School

Student Publications 



Click here to access the Journalism Staff Manual.

Mission Statement:

The mission of the Trojan publications is to inform, educate, and entertain students, administration, and faculty of this school, by using ethical practices in regard to how we report the news. We will provide a platform for free expression of student opinion as well as covering issues of student interest. We welcome diversity in coverage and strive to include all members of this school community in our publications. We will report all news accurately and without bias.

Goals for Every Member:

  1. Meet EVERY deadline
  2. Spell every name correctly
  3. Get everyone in the book at least three times (besides student photo)
  4. Class unity
  5. Improvement in photography 
  6. Professional 
  7. Time management 
  8. Responsibility 
  9. Honesty/Trust 
  10. Fun!

Class Structure:

  • Learn the skills necessary in communicating in the print media today with emphasis on writing, but including interviewing, observing, reporting, reacting and synthesizing.
  • Have opportunities to discover and explore the various forms of writing utilized in journalism.
  • Have opportunities to critique your own writing, the writing of others, and to have your writing evaluated by the teacher.
  • Learn to understand the legal, moral, and ethical responsibilities inherent in the free press.
  • Develop an ability to work together. 
  • Develop punctuality in meeting deadlines.
  • Express your creativity.


Staff Expectations:

Staff members are expected to be in class on a daily basis and work on assigned tasks while in class. Miss class days will require make-up work time to stay on schedule. All class time should be used to work on one’s own tasks, or help others if needed. Class time will not be used to catch up on homework from other classes.

Staff members are writers, designers, interviewers, marketers, and photographers. All roles will be practiced by all staff members. Because photography is one of the most important aspects, all students will be expected to attend activities and take pictures as assigned. If a member does NOT complete assigned photography tasks, a grade no higher than an A- (94%) can be obtained.

Staff members are given the responsibility to use all journalism equipment properly and carefully. A signed Equipment Usage Form must be turned in by each staff member prior to use of equipment. The staff assumes all responsibility for the equipment, as stated in the form. 

Haley Dotson

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