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Late/Absent Work Policy

Late Work Policy

An assignment is late if a student was in class when it was given and comes the following day without it.  He/she may turn in late work one day late with a late pass and receive no grade penalty. This work should be placed in the late/absent basket. A limited number of late passes will bedistributed at the beginning of each nine weeks (except the last nine weeks). Once a student uses or loses them or exceeds the one day late rule, all missing or late work is subject to the following deductions:

        a. Homework/Daily work = 20% deduction up to the last day of the quarter

        b. Projects = a 2% deduction for each day it is late up to but not exceeding a 10% deduction

Some assignments such as “deadline” grades can NOT be turned in late, and students will NOT receive credit if they are turned in late.

If your students tells you they turned in something, but it still shows up as a zero in Powerschool, please keep this in mind: grading current assignments are my priority, and most late work will be graded only once a month. However, in an attempt to keep you updated, I will enter these assignment as collected, but late. This will show up as a set of dashes in Powerschool with a late note.  When in doubt, don’t hesitate to email me for verification.  

Absent Work Policy

For every day your child is absent, he/she will have two days to make up their work. 


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