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Daily Schedule

My office hours for the remainder of the semester will be as follows:

- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 9am - 11am
- Thursday Evening: 5pm - 7pm

I will post all of my assignments in google classroom. Be sure to check in daily to make sure your student is up to date on the latest information. 

Grading Procedures for Continuous Learning:

Students will earn four total grades for the 4th quarter.

Students will be graded on the living history Journal as well as 3 other assignments.

There will be one main assignment per week along with supplemental tasks. The main assignment can be tracked within powerschool. If there is a “Missing” flag, then the student has not completed the assignment. 

Dan Potucek

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316-218-4610 (41610)
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9:29 am - 10:14 am