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7th Grade Syllabus

Mr. Potucek’s Kansas History Class

Welcome 7th Graders!


This will be an exciting year for you! Through various resources, books, newspapers, technology, and audio-visual equipment, we will be exploring the history of Kansas. Kansas History will also involve map skills, geographic concepts, economics, and historical facts.


1. Be responsible for yourself and your work. As a middle school student, you must hand your work in on time. Failure to do so will result in a lower grade and more importantly, a lack of understanding for the concept we are covering. Assignments may be handed in the day after the due date with a 20% deduction. Once the test is taken, the work will not be accepted.


2. Be respectful of those around you. When I am helping other students, no mouths should be in motion. School property or items of your fellow classmates are to be treated with courtesy and respect. You are one of many people in this classroom, so please remember that your rights only extend until they infringe or impede the rights of others. You do Not have the right to compromise the learning environment of this classroom. You will not disrupt the class by excessively talking or moving around the room without permission or purpose.


3. Be prepared for your day. Come to class with completed assignments, all your materials, and an attitude to learn.  If you do not have these necessary items with you when the bell rings, you cannot go get them without using a pass, which will be limited. Learning how to stay organized can help smooth your transition into middle school.


Classroom Details

 All grading is on a total point scale.  Low scores for daily assignments and missing work will severely affect your grade – AVOID THESE!  While extra credit opportunities may present themselves as the year progresses, they will not be offered solely to enhance a low grade.  I use the following grade scale:


A = 100 – 90%      B = 89 – 80% C = 79 – 70%       D = 69 – 60%      F = 59% and below


Necessary supplies:  Each student will need a 2’ Binder and a composition notebook at the start of the year. Other required supplies include paper, a thin or thick black sharpie for labeling, and pens/pencils. These, along with your books and supplemental handouts, must be brought to class EVERY DAY!  There will be days where other supplies are necessary and you will be made aware of these as they arise.


Current Events: You will be required to complete one current event each week when assigned. This will give you exposure to the things occurring in the world around you. These will be due on Fridays.


Course Description: Throughout the semester, we will be exploring many topics. Some of the major curriculum areas are:

*Geography of Kansas

*Native Americans of the Plains


*Bleeding Kansas

*Immigration to Kansas

*Progressivism & Populism

*Dust Bowl and Depression

*Kansas Today

* Kansas Government


Assessments:  Written Tests, Projects, Class Assignments, Participation

Gibbs Smith, The Kansas Journey Textbook

Dan Potucek

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