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Andover Science Olympiad

Welcome to Andover Science Olympiad!

2019-2020 will be our second year competing. We were very excited at how we placed last year and cannot wait to see how well we’ll do this year!  Last year, we only competed at the Division B level (middle school), but this year we will be adding a Division C level (High School)!  Both teams will have 15 students (15 for middle and 15 for high school) that will then compete in the 23 different events for each division. 

2019-2020 Science Olympiad Division B Team

1. Jack Friend

2. Ellie Johnson

3. Brecken Kasel

4. Sami Labidi

5. Baul Lee

6. Landon Light

7. Collin Milne

8. Jordan Nguyen

9.Luke Osburn

10. Jack Philips

11. Laasya Ravi

12. Keaton Rupp

13. Noah Rutter

14. Bradley Trimmell

15. Joshua Yeoh

2019-2020 Science Olympiad Division C

1. Eric Balentine

2. David Bledsoe

3. Alexis Brown

4. Kaden Brown

5. Lily DeHaven

6. Brenden Draney

7. Oliver Hughes

8. Eddie Johnson

9. Daul Lee

10. Bowen Madden

11. Danton Nguyen

12. Mina Nguyen

13. Dimitri Seneviratne

14. Joel Stumpe

15. Ibrahim Touffaha


Important Dates:

Student Information for Middle School Meeting (Division B) September 25 7:20am  Room 606

Student Information for High School Meeting (Division C) September 26 9:30am (T-Time) AHS room 502

Parent Information Meeting Monday September 30 Room 606 6:00pm (Division B and C)


Tryout dates: 

October 2, 2019 




October 3, 2019 




October 4, 2019 Optional




Team names will be posted afterschool on Monday October 7.

Practice begins October 21 3:00pm-4:30pm Monday thru Thursday.


Wichita Regionals Saturday February 29, 2020

Kansas State Tournament is Saturday April 4, 2020 Wichita State University

Please refer back here and the weekly bulletin for more information.

Thank you,

Coach Andrea Friend- Division B (Middle school)

Coach Keegan Hallmark- Division C (High school)


Events for 2020:

Andover Middle Facebook page: @AMSSciOlymiad