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Due Dates and Assignments - 8th Grade Assignments & Reminders

This spring semester resource students will be focusing on effort and self-monitoring.

Effort 50pts/week: Students are responsible for using their time wisely. They should be working on their goals and not distracting others. If they need help, they are encouraged to voice their concerns to a teacher or para and continue trying if there is any wait time. If they are giving effort, they will earn 10pts daily. Reminders to remain on their own task or refusal to try will result in a 5pt deduction.

Required materials 5pts/week: Students should bring the resources they need to class in order to complete work. If they need to leave the room to get something they have forgotten they may, but it will cost them their weekly points.

Agenda 10pts/week: Agendas are filled out together throughout the week and will be checked each Friday to ensure this remains a priority. Students are awarded 2pts daily for completing their agenda.