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RAMP A/B Syllabus


Rigor, gaining Access, maintaining Motivation, and practicing Persistence

Key Concepts:           CAREER CRUISING          SKILLS KNOWLEDGE          HABITS            



Mr. Fox                                  A/B Phone# 316-218-4610  

What to Bring Everyday: 

  • Agenda Book

  • Reading book

Tips for Success:

  • Be prepared to work and have fun. 

  • Keep your Agenda up to date

  • Keep your locker clean

  • Keep your binders tidy



  • Will listen, discuss, and complete given asks that relate to topics about school, future careers, emotional awareness, and social skills.

Work Independently Time (WIT):

  • When scheduled you will have time to work on assignments for your classes.  You can go to the library for AR test.

Silent Reading (SR):

  • When scheduled you will read your AR book independently.  You will not be allowed to go to the library, so come prepared.

Agenda Check:

  • Your RAMP teacher will check to make sure you are filling out your agenda completely. We will discuss expectations.

Book Check:

  • Your RAMP teacher will check to make sure you are bringing your AR book to class (it should be going to all your classes).

Locker Check:

  • Your RAMP teacher will check your locker to make sure you are keeping your locker clean and organized.

Binders Check:

  • Your RAMP teacher will check your binder to make sure you are keeping it tidy and that your work is being put away in the correct locations.


  • Throughout the year there will be projects that you will complete in class over future jobs, sleeping patterns, etc…


  • Class time is designated to complete assignments. Homework results from not using class time effectively.



  • 1 point for each for agenda, locker, binder, WIT, SR, and book depending on what is scheduled for that week.

  • 2 points for lesson.

  • Varied points for project

Pass/Fail Class

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