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3rd/6th A/B day RAMP


You can visit the district resource page at the link below to learn more about RAMP.

Lesson Plans:


Rigor, gaining Access, maintaining Motivation, and practicing Persistence

Key Concepts:           *XELLO Career Exploration








*Emotional Awareness


*Social Skills

Mrs. Friend                        Phone# 316-218-4610                                                      

What to Bring Everyday: 

  • ChromeBook

  • Agenda

  • Pencil

  • Homework

Tips for Success:

  • Be prepared to work and have fun. 

  • Keep your Online/Paper Agenda up to date

  • Keep your Locker/Backpack Clean

  • Keep your folders/binders organized



  • Will listen, discuss, and complete given tasks that relate to topics about school, future careers, emotional awareness, and social skills.

Work Independently Time (WIT)/Silent Reading (SR): 

  • Some days you may have time to work on assignments for your classes or silently read. We will also do grade checks to make sure you are doing well at AMS and handing in assignments.

Online/Paper Agenda Check:

  • Your RAMP teacher will check to make sure you are filling out your online/paper agenda completely. You will be able to decide if you want to use an online version or the paper copy that the school has given you. We will discuss expectations.


Backpack/Locker Check:

  • Your RAMP teacher will check your backpack and locker to make sure you are keeping them tidy and organized.


  • Throughout the year there will be projects that you will complete in class over future jobs, sleeping patterns, etc…


  • Class time is designated to complete assignments. 



  • 1 point each for online/paper agenda check, backpack/locker/binder organization check (4 points total)

  • 2 points per lesson.

  • Varied points for project

Pass/Fail Class