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Smith, Johnna


Welcome to Ms. Smith’s Art class! I am so happy you are here. The art classes at AMS are set up differently for each grade level. Sixth graders “explore” art for nine weeks, Art I is made up of a mix of seventh and eighth graders who will experience an “in-depth” semester-long class focusing on two-dimensional media, while Art II students (seventh and eighth graders) experience a semseter of three-dimensional media such and sculpture and ceramics. 


AMS Art Grading Policies


Student Art Supply List:

•1 pkg. No. 2 Pencils

•1 or 2 white erasers

•1 roll masking tape (prefer 1.5” or 2”)

•2 black permanent markers (fine/ultra fine)

•Pkg. of Permanent colored Markers (Sharpie, Bic, Prismacolor, etc.)

•1 Plastic see through 12” ruler




Johnna Smith

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