Figurative Language Games
Metaphor Battleship

Try to beat the computer in a game of battleship by finding the ships and answering all the questions about metaphors correctly. Good luck, Captain!

Guess the Idiom

See how many idioms you know the meaning of in this matching game. 

Idiom Jeopardy

Grab a partner and see how many idioms you know! The person who gets the most points wins! Good luck!

Idioms in Context

Try to figure out the meaning of the idiom by using context clues from the sentence. Since this is from IXL, you will only be able to do questions a day. 

Interpret Figures of Speech

Determine the author’s intended meaning for the figure of speech used in each sentence. Since this is IXL, you will only be able to answer 10 questions per day. 

Simile, Metaphor, or Idiom Quiz

Read each sentence and determine if it is a simile, metaphor or idiom in the sentence. 

Rags to Riches

See if you can make it all the way to the $1,000,000 question in one try! Good luck!

Basketball Figurative Language

Read the sentence and determine the correct figurative language used in the sentence. Then, you get to take a shot at the basketball to rack up your points. 

Orpheus the Lyrical: Figurative Language Video Game

Play a video game to learn about figurative language. Instead of dying, you will answer a question about figurative language to move on. If you choose to play with sound, make sure you use your headphones. 

Jeopardy Figurative Language Challenge Board

Grab a partner and challenge each other to see who can earn the most points! All questions have to do with figurative language. 

Figurative Language - Jeopardy #2

Grab and partner and challenge each other in a game of Jeopardy. The categories are similes, metaphors, idioms, hyperboles, and oxymorons. Good Luck!

Cannonball Cats

Practice identifying similes, metaphors, personification, and hyperboles with this interactive game. Shoot the cat out of the cannon and into the correct ring that describes the type of figurative langauge used in the sentence. 

Analyze the Effects of Figurative of Speech on Mood and Tone

Read each passage and then answer each question to the best of your ability. Since this the IXL website, you can only answer 10 questions per day.