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AMS Art Grading Policies


The grading system is divided into two categories:

  • Project scores: following directions, creativity, craftsmanship, etc. The criteria for grading will be provided for each of the assigned projects.
  • Participation: being on time to class, with supplies, prepared to take notes and/or follow directions. Contributing to class discussions, demonstrations, and critiques.


All assignments are given a certain number of workdays.  This identifies the number of class times allotted to this project.  These assignments will also be given a due date which is several days after the last class time.  This allows students to finish up any incomplete work and get it turned in without penalty.  Assignments can be turned in any time up until the due date. Once the due date has passed, ten percent will be deducted from the final score.

If students require additional work time outside of class, arrangements may be made to work during activity time or by appointment, if necessary. Most projects may also be taken home as homework.