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How many books can students check out of the library?

Students may check out 2 books for personal reading at any one time.  If they have required reading from a teacher, those books do not count toward their 2 personal choices.  However, whether personal or for a teacher, they are still due in two weeks.


How long can students keep books and materials?

Regular books are due or should be renewed every TWO WEEKS. Textbooks are checked out for an entire year. Students may return them early, however, they will not become overdue until the end of the year. Flash drives may be kept as long as a student needs them, but they must be renewed EVERY MORNING. 


How much are fines?

Fines are 5 cents per book….period.  If a student has 3 overdue books, the total fine would be 15 cents.  When teams or groups perform well, the following day will be a Nickel Day. This means the student’s entire fine may be paid for one nickel.


What other penalties are there for overdue books?

  • Students attend library classes every two weeks; they are encouraged to return or renew books each library class period to avoid overdue fines. If a book is overdue for two consecutive class periods, meaning the student has had the book at least 6 weeks and it is 4 weekss overdue, a conduct mark will be given.
  • Students may check out new books even if they have an unpaid fine. However, they may NOT check out new books with an overdue fine.
  • Students who have lost books should pay for them to stay off the overdue list. If a book is found after payment has been made, the amount will be reimbursed as long as the student is still in the USD 385 system.


Can I request a book?

You can ask to place a hold request on a book. Once it is in the library, a note will be delivered to your language arts class. We ask that you come into the library within 2 days to checkout the book.


Is it okay to bring food into the library?

There are a few things we ask students NOT to bring into the library; those include but are not limited to:  food, drinks, gum, music, and cell phones. We also as that students do not pass through the library as a way to get from one side of the building to another.


I've heard a book is REALLY good, why isn't it in our library?

There could be several reasons; maybe it is ordered but isn't in yet. Please ask! Maybe it is a book I am not aware of. Tell me about it, and I will look into getting it! On some occasions, the book just isn't appropriate for our library. Please remember all fiction and non-fiction books on the shelves are available for everyone to check out. What may seem acceptable for some 8th graders may NOT be acceptable for some 6th graders. I do my very best to provide a wide variety of genre and topics to meet all student interests.

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