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Forms and Information



Did you miss school? 

(find the form by clicking the link above)

You can contact the office if you miss two or more days and we teachers will get you the work you missed so you won’t fall behind. 



Will you be gone on vacation? 

(find the form by clicking the link above)

You need to let your teachers know before you leave so you won’t fall behind. Any work you miss needs to be done while you are gone.



Most Mondays and Thursdays students can stay until 4:00 to receive assistance on homework. If they sign up for homework hub, they are required to stay the entire time, unless they have prior approval from the administration. 

Students MUST sign up in the office BY lunchtime on the day of homework hub to attend; otherwise, they will have to wait for the next day. Please be at school promptly by 4:00 to pick up your child; there is no bus service provided. 

Independent Reading (AR)

One book is due every two weeks!

  • We will visit the library every other Tuesday during class. During this time, students will be expected to check out books within their reading range, take AR tests, and read. There will be guidelines on graphic novels and page numbers.
  • AR is weighted as 15% of overall LA grade and consists of three different types of grades:
  1. Deadline Grade - Students will be expected to read a book every two weeks and earn a “deadline” grade of ten points for completing the book on time. They will earn 10 points if they take an AR test on or before the due date or receive a 0 if they don’t.
  2. Comprehension Grade - The second grade associated with independent reading is based on how students perform on their AR test. The grade given will be the score earned on the AR test which will then be converted into a grade worth 50 points. If students take the test past the deadline, it is his or her responsibility to get the test results to their teacher in order to receive credit for the test. Otherwise, the comprehension score will be ZERO until the test is taken.
  3. Extra Credit – Students are required to read one book every two weeks. Any more books read and tested on within the two weeks can be counted as extra credit as long as the book is still within the reading range.