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Jaradat, McKenzie

Math BannerMrs. Jaradat

6th and 7th Grade Math

Supply List:

The following supplies must be brought to class daily: Pencil, Pen, Agenda, Calculator, Math Binder, Math Consumable, Notebook Paper


A textbook will be given to each student. They are encouraged to take it home for them and parents to use as an extra resource if needed.


Notes will be completed in class and kept in their math binder. These notes should be referred back to when working on assignments or preparing for tests.

Online Homework:

All homework assignments will be completed through the online textbook at

Make-up Work:

School policy states that students have two days for every day they were gone to make up work due to illness. All assingments are due by the chapter test to recieve credit. 

Late work Policy:

Your assignment is considered late if it is not turned in at the beginning of the hour.  You will earn 80% of your score for all assignments turned in late. A zero score will be given on any assignment not turned in before the chapter test.  If you are absent because of a planned absence or school-related activity, it is your responsibility to get the assignment turned in by the due date.


Students have the option of correcting any homework assignment that they recieved a low score on and they will recieve 80% of that corrected score. The corrected assignment must be turned in by the chapter test.


-Homework/In Class 30% of the overall grade

-Tests/Quizzes 70% of the overall grade



Classroom Number:
School Phone:
Conference Time:
12:27 - 1:12