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Tittsworth, Janelle


Hello! My name is Janelle Tittsworth, but the students usually refer to me as Mrs. T.  This is my 5th year at AMS and 21st year education.  I spent my first seven years teaching math at Valley Center Middle School, where I also coached middle school track and high school basketball.  I transferred to the Andover district in 2007.  I taught math at ACMS for another six years before going into administration.  I was the assistant principal and athletic director at ACMS from 2013-2016.  Managing all the evening activities limited my time with my family, so I chose to return to the classroom and teach again.  I was blessed to have the opportunity to return to a teaching role in this district.  I am thrilled to continue my passion for teaching here at Andover Middle School.  This year, I will teach Math 6 Accelerated courses at AMS in the morning, and then 8th grade math at eCademy in the afternoon.  

Click HERE to access Mrs. T’s Virtual “Meet Your Teacher” video.

You should find all the information you need below, but if you’d like to have a digital syllabus to open and save for quick reference, you will find it here, Mrs. T's Accelerated Math Class Syllabus 2020-2021

Where can I see the expectations?(How can I stay organized?)  

  • Mrs. T’s AMS website – lesson plans will be posted here
  • Check your school Google email daily and use your agenda!
  • Google Classroom -  (class code: posylc6)
  • Homework assigned online with our Big Ideas curriculum -
  • Check in and be present with your math class EVERYDAY.  When you are working remote from home, you will use Zoom and are expected to join us during your regular math scheduled time:  
    • 1st Hour (7:50-8:36),   2nd Hour (8:40-9:25),   3rd Hour (9:29-10:14),   4th Hour (10:18-11:03)
    • Steps to complete online HW:
      2. Login with ClassLink
      3. Log in with Google  (On home devices, students need to include their whole school email address:  The part is not necessary to type at school so new students and some returning may not realize this at home.)
      4. click on “Assignments” tab at the top

How are we graded?

Students and parents should check PowerSchool consistently for updated grades.  Per middle school math policy, grades are weighted. Practice (homework) is expected for all new skills we are studying.  This gives students the chance to experience a variety of problems in preparation for the chapter assessment.  

  • Practice work (homework) counts as 30% of the overall grade. 
  • Assessments (tests/quizzes) count as 70% of the overall grade.
  • Projects vary in their weight, depending on the complexity of the tasks.

What about late work, re-dos, and test retakes?

  • Late homework and assignment corrections are accepted PRIOR to the chapter test.  Students must earn less than an 80% in order to redo/correct homework.  Students must inform Mrs. T when they complete/submit late work.
  • Assessment scores less than 80% may be corrected (on a case-by-case basis).  It is the student’s responsibility to visit with the teacher, seek permission, and then determine an appropriate time to correct an assessment in person.  Per policy, the maximum score you may earn on assessment corrections is 80%.

What do we do if we are absent?

  • Students must refer to Mrs. T’s website and Google Classroom to access daily lesson plans and homework.
  • The student handbook and parent playbook state the school policy and timeline regarding absent work.

What will class be like each day this year? 

Regardless if learning is occuring in-person or remote from home, students can expect the same routine.  This course moves at an accelerated pace.  We will complete 4-5 lessons each week, unless we are working on a project.  Students will be expected to view teacher created videos daily and work through notes on their own.  This must occur PRIOR to their scheduled math class.  We will do a quick check for understanding and then most of the period will be spent doing the practice problems assigned for the lesson. Therefore their “homework” is viewing the video and completing notes.  Class time (in person or at home) is designated for completing practice problems.  Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning with an assessment (quiz/test) at least once per chapter.  

What if I have a question? 

Flipgrid (a link to video a question & receive a video response):

What will we be learning? 

Math 6 covers topics from many areas of mathematics, including:  The Number System, Algebraic Expressions, Equations, & Inequalities, Ratios & Proportional Relationships, Geometry, Statistics & Probability

Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have questions or concerns.  I am here for you, and I look forward to working with you this year.  We will navigate these tough times together, persevere, and make it a successful year!


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