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6th Science Syllabus

      Sixth Grade Science Syllabus

Andover Middle School

Instructor Information:

Mr. Fox

Room: 609

Phone: 218-4610

Plan / Parent contact time: 12:35-1:10 pm




This course is designed to help students understand a wide variety of biological and technological areas.  Students will work as hands-on, inquiry learners. We will be using information from the text book, labs, activities, and technology to discover various scientific concepts.

Science 6 Course Information

What students can expect from their teacher:

  • A respectful setting.

  • An expectation that all students will have a successful year.

  • An environment for learning.

  • A meaningful lesson/activity each day.


Materials required for each day of class:

  • Science book

  • Pencil, pen and highlighter

  • Notebook paper

  • Science Notebook (spiral)

  • Agenda Book with Conduct card


What will class be like each day?

Students will be participating in various activities as they work through our science concepts for the year.  Students will be assigned practice (homework) assignments and given time in class to complete. During the majority of each unit, a learning activity that may include a hands-on activity, discussion/note taking in science notebook, a technology activity, or practice questions will occur.  Activities will vary from individual, to partner, to small group, or whole class. Assignments are due the next day unless told otherwise. Assignments will be graded during class. At the end of each unit, students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their learning either through pencil/paper test and or a project.


How much “homework” can we expect?

You should expect at the maximum to have 40-50 minutes of work a week in science.  Most homework is work the student started in class but did not finish.  If your students uses their class time appropriately they may have no homework.


How are we graded?

  • Practice Work (homework, labs, and some in-class activities) is expected for all new skills we are studying. Practice work counts as 40% of the overall grade.  

  • Assessments (including unit tests and projects) count as 60% of the overall grade.


What about late work and test corrections?

  • Late homework assignments

    • Students are responsible for seeking help if needed.  

    • It is the responsibility of the student to grade their own assignment.

    • If missing homework becomes habitual or is inhibiting the student’s ability to participate in class activities, the teacher will visit with the student and/or parents.

    • Projects will be taken after the due date for 5% off each day that the project is late and only for 5 days.

  • Test corrections:  Students who earn below a 75% on their science test will have the opportunity to make test corrections.  Every question missed must be answered, and in the following format:

On a septate sheet of notebook paper,

  • Write questions number and correct answer.

  • Write the page number where you found the correct answer in the science book.

  • Write the full sentence that states the correct answer.

(Example: #2, C, page 123, “The sun provides energy through the process of photosynthesis.”)

  • The best way to prepare for tests is to participate in activities during class, review using your science notebook, complete all homework assignments, and do the suggested review work.   


What will we be learning?

    Science 6 covers topics:                                               

       Diversity of Life

       Cells and Heredity

       Ecology and the Environment

       Science and Technology (STEM)                                                            






Please read and discuss these guidelines with your child, then sign and return to Mr. Fox with in one week. Thanks!


I, _______________________________  and 

              (Print Child Name)  

_____________________________ have read

              (Print Parent Name)

the syllabus and understand the information provided on Mr. Fox’s sixth grade syllabus.



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