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Recording Assignments

For Mr. Linville to accurately assess your progress in this class, he must occasionally hear you play individually.  To do this in class, would use an enormous amout of instructional time so frequently playing tests will be recorded outside of class and sent to Mr. Linville.  The assignments will be short in length (Mr. Linville does have almost 400 students) so please practice first and send the best version of your playing.

You have two options for sending audio assignments to Mr. Linville
#1 - You the Charms Recording Studio.  Be sure to check that your recording has uploaded.  You will see the assignment show up below the recording icons with a red dot (changes to green when Mr. Linville has listened to the assignment).

#2 - Use any of the methods below to record yourself, send it to YOUR SCHOOL E-mail address, load it into your Google Drive and then submit the assignment in Google Classroom.

a.  You may send a link to a file (i.e. a Youtube link, Dropbox link, Google Drive link).
b.  You may attached a sound file of these types.  (.mp3  .wav  .wma  .aiff .m4a).
c.  Preview (listen to it yourself) the recording before sending it to Mr. Linville to be sure it works.
d.  You may use email video attachments if you can load them into your Google Drive account..  You may also send a link to a Youtube or Dropbox file and load it into Google Classroom.

Here are some options for you to experiment with:




Free iPhoneiPad Apps:

The Charms Apps is free through a school account we use.  The student password is their intials followed by his/her lunch or student ID#.  (Ex:  John Doe 12345 password would be:  jd12345).  The School ID is:  trojanbands     Download app here.  When a student is done recording, it can be downloaded directly to Mr. Linville - there is no file to email to Mr. Linville when finished.
Apple Voice Memos - standard on most iPhones.  Open the App, press the Red button, Record, then send via email to YOUR Google email account and then load it into Google Classroom.  

For Android Phones.  
(Mr. Linville hasn't owned an Android phone for more than 4 years - he is open to suggestions here.)

I've been told that "Voice Recorder" is included on Android phones and functions very similar to the Voice Memos for iPhone.


Free Apps that require a subscription.


Other ideas:
1.  If you own an iPod mini and you can email files to your Google email and turn-in with Google Classroom.
2.  If you have your own private Youtube channel, you can submit this link in Google Classroom.
You may send other ideas to Mr. Linville.

Things that do not work well (others have tried and doesn't work).
1.  Recording in Powerpoint.
2.  Recording on old and off brand digital audio recorders.


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