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Health Class Expectations

6th Grade Health Education 2021-2022


Instructor:  Mr. Murray


Welcome!  Health class meets every day for nine weeks as a part of your exploratory class program.  It is a part of the K-9th grade Coordinated Health Curriculum Program approved by the USD #385 Board of Education.


Class Expectations:  To be prepared for class each day, you will need:

1. Any completed assignments due that day

2. Your AMS agenda book

3. Writing utensil (pencil, blue or black ink)

4. Paper


Student Expectations

1.  Be yourself

2.  Be respectful

3.  Give your best effort everyday


What Mr. Murray is firm about:

1.IN your seat and QUIET when the bell rings

2.Safety – when dealing with health issues and equipment

3.Anything that interferes with another student’s quality of health, such as disrespect teasing, bullying, and bothering other’s property.

*  Late work will be accepted for a 20% deduction.  Late will only be accepted until the day of the unit test/quiz.  You will have the following reminders to ensure work is turned in on time:

*  Time given in class to write assignments in your agenda book.

*  Assignments posted on the white board in class.

*  Verbal reminder the day before it is due.

*  Assignment updates posted on teacher web page


Specific Health Rule – Confidentiality – Never mention someone else’s name or relationship to you when sharing health information about them to the class.