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Class Expectations


       This year will be an exciting year for you! Through various resources, books, newspapers, technology, and audio-visual equipment, in 6th grade,we will be exploring countries around the world through the Ancient Civilizations that existed. In 7th grade, we will find out all about the great state of Kansas that we call home and learn the geographical features of the continents of the world.

    Below are some of the expectations I have in order to achieve success in my class as well as in life. Please read through the following classroom policies with your parents and sign the bottom stating your understanding of the rules.

1. Be responsible for yourself and your work. You must hand your work in on time. Failure to do so will result in a lower grade and more importantly, a lack of understanding for the concept we are covering. The work will be deducted 50% after the due date. Once the test is taken, the work will not be accepted. Major projects WILL NOT be accepted late. Remember, many of you will be involved in extracurricular activities! Using your class time is very important!


2. Be respectful of those around you. When I am helping other students, you should be working productively. School property or items of your fellow classmates are to be treated with courtesy and respect. You will not be allowed to keep me from teaching or others from learning. You will not disrupt the class by excessively talking or moving around the room without permission or purpose.


3. Be in your seat when the bell rings. Failure to do so will result in a tardy conduct point.


4. Be prepared for your day. Come to class with completed assignments, all your materials, and an attitude to learn.  If you do not have these necessary items with you when the bell rings, you cannot go get them without using a pass. These will be limited throughout the year. Learning how to stay organized can help smooth your transition into middle school.


5. Be proud of the work you do by putting your name on it!  I will deduct 10% off the paper if the owner claims it from No Name Land within 2 days of the due date. After this date, the paper will be thrown away! You must also include the proper heading and classroom number on each paper.


6. Display positive behavior. You will allow for a positive learning environment. It is my job to provide avenues of instruction and your job to complete the tasks asked to the best of your ability. Together, we can have memorable learning experiences this year.


7. All grading is on a total point scale.  Low scores for daily assignments and missing work will severely affect your grade – AVOID THESE!!!   While extra credit opportunities may present themselves as the year progresses, they will not be offered solely to enhance a low grade.  I use the following grade scale:


A = 100 – 90%   B = 89 – 80%     C = 79 – 70%     D = 69 – 60%     F = 59% and below


8. Necessary supplies:  Each student will need a colored folder at the start of the year. Other required supplies include paper, a thin black sharpie for labeling, and pens/pencils. These, along with your books and supplemental handouts, must be brought to class EVERY DAY!  There will be days where other supplies are necessary and you will be made aware of these as they arise.



  Make up/Late Work: Students who are absent from class are expected to make up the work missed. For each day absent, school policy allows students two (2) days to make up the work. However, the quicker the student is able to get caught up, the better. From the date an assignment is given, the students can hand in late work until the day of the test. If you know you have an appointment and will be missing Social Studies, please check with me the day before or the day of so I can give you what you need. This will keep you from being behind.


Acceptable Use Policy: All students are expected to use school computers and the Internet appropriately to support educational learning. Students should not damage or change any computer, network, etc. Violators will be referred to the office, conduct point or detention assigned, and parents will be contacted.

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