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PE Expectations

7th, and 8th Grade Physical Education Expectations

Mrs. Bacon, Mr. Hawkins, and Mrs. Rogers

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!  We are excited to begin this wonderfully different year we are about to embark on.  Here are a few expectations that will help your year be a success.  

Class meetings:  Physical education will be a bit different this year.  We will be meeting everyday during the first 9 weeks.  The 2nd and 3rd 9 weeks we will be meeting for health class, then we will finish up the last 9 weeks, 4th 9 weeks, in p.e.  This  should help take away the confusion of A/B days and allows us to go outside as much as possible and give the students much needed mask breaks.  

Virtual class:  we will begin each class with a zoom warm-up and roll.  It is important that you are present at the beginning of class to participate and to not be counted absent for the day.  Once you have logged off, it is up to you to be active for the day.  You are expected to be active 30 minutes or more on the days you are not at school.   You will fill out the provided activity log on google classroom, have it verified by your parents, and turn in by Sunday at the end of the day. These activities can include but are not limited to:

  1.  Working out on your own.  May go for a walk, run, bike ride, etc. Maybe going to the Y and playing basketball or swimming. These activities should only be completed with parent or guardian permission. 

  2. You may choose an activity off of the p.e. Choice board.  These will be updated every two weeks.  

*If you are unsure if an activity will work, please check with your teacher.  

Virtual Wednesday!  We will zoom together and do some type of warm-up or shortened activity.  Then you are free to make a choice on how you want to be active that day!! Don’t forget to document on your log. 

Dressing for P.E.:  You will have physical education every day.  The days you are in-person you are expected to be wearing clothes and shoes you can be active in.  There will NOT be any changing of clothes.  If you would like to change your shoes, you will need to have those in your backpack and will change them before warm-ups upon arrival to class.  

Masks:  Masks will be worn at all times while inside the building.  When outside they will be able to take them off.  We recommend that they place them on their water bottle while outside.  We also recommend a gaiter for p.e.  A gaiter would allow you to keep your mask inside, and you can pull the gaiter up and down as social distancing allows during the day's activity.  This is not a requirement but highly recommended.  

Grading:  Physical Education in-person grades will be made up of 4 areas:  participation, effort, dress and behavior.  Each student will be given 10 daily points.  If one or more of the above requirements is not met, the student will lose points.  It is possible to receive zero points for a day. 

Participation grade will be evaluated based on these three points: 

  1. Participate  to the best of your ability 

  2.  Encourage others and help when you can    

  3.  Come in with a positive attitude and HAVE FUN!  

Virtual grades will be based on filling out the activity log consisting of  activities lasting 30 minutes or longer. The log is to be turned in on time for full credit. 

Each week will be worth 50 points. P.E. grades will be calculated based on the following grading scale….

A= 90-100% B=80-89% C=70-79% D=60-69% F=59% and lower

PE Make Up: If you are absent from PE class due to illness, doctor’s appointment, or short-term injury, you are required to complete at least 30 mins of activity at home. Sports practice will count as one PE make up day.  All absences need to be made up by the end of the nine weeks.  You will fill out your absent days on the PE log and submit with the current week through google classroom. 

 Long term:  This illness or injury requires a doctor’s note and you being excused at least 5 consecutive days. A doctor’s release statement is also required for you to return to activity. Long term illness/injury do not need to be made up.