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Health Classroom Expectations


7th Grade Health Education

Mr. Hawkins


Course Description:  The students will receive an overall exposure to the importance of physical fitness, nutrition, personal hygiene, human sexuality education, and decision-making concerning health habits and ideas.  A review of all body systems is also included.


Health Curriculum:  The Health curriculum is part of a district wide coordinated K-9th grade Health Program. 


Class Meetings: Health class will meet every other day on A-Day, opposite your Physical Education class (B-Day).


Be Prepared for Class:

  • You will need…

  • Assignments finished or not

  • ID Badge and Agenda Book

  • A writing utensil, health book, health folder, and paper.


Grading Scale:  as noted in the AMS Agenda Book

A= 90%-100%

B= 80%-89%

C= 70%-79%


F=Below 60%


Late Work:  All assignments are expected on time.  Students will be given advanced knowledge of when assignments are due and will have time to transfer the assignment to their agenda books.  Assignments will also be listed on google classroom, as well as verbal reminders during class.  Late work will be accepted for a 10% deduction for one class time late, and a 50% deduction anytime after that.  We look forward to having you in class this year.  If you ever have any questions or concerns please contact me through email: