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Health Expectations

8th Grade Health Education


Course Description:  The students will receive an overall exposure to the importance of physical fitness, nutrition, personal hygiene, human sexuality education, with an emphasis on decision-making concerning health habits and the affects of decisions on self and others. 


Health Curriculum:  The Health curriculum is part of a coordinated K-9th grade Health Program.  I encourage you to view the Health Curriculum on line at  Click on Faculty and Staff then Click on Health Curriculum and go to 8th grade.


Class Meetings: Health class will meet every other day opposite your Physical Education class.  


Class Expectation:

  1. Be Prepared for Class.  You will need
    • Any completed assignments due that day
    • Your AMS agenda book
    • Writing utensil
    • Health folder and paper
    • Health Book:  EVERY DAY!
  2. Confidentiality
    • Never mention anyone by name or their relationship to you while sharing health information about them to the class
    • Sensitive matters discussed need to stay within the class and not carried outside the class setting
  3. Respect
    • Do not interfere with the learning of others
    • No teasing or bulling
    • Take care of your learning
    • Encourage others to learn
  4. Safe Environment
    • In seat and quiet when the bell rings
    • When dealing with health issues and equipment



Grading Scale:  as noted in the AMS Agenda Book

         A= 90%-100%

         B= 80%-89%

         C= 70%-79%


         F=59% and below


Late Work:  All assignments are expected on time.  Students will be given advanced knowledge of when assignments are due and will have time to transfer the assignment to their agenda books.  Assignments will also be listed on the Andover Middle School web site, as well as verbal reminders during class.  If an assignment is accepted one class period late it will be docked 25%.  Any time after that will be docked 50%.  Late assignments will not be accepted after the unit is complete.



Re-working assignments:  Any time a student receives a 69% or lower on an assignment, they have the opportunity to re-do that assignment to bring it up to a grade of no higher than a 70%.  The student will need to talk with me about the re-do to get the needed help and time frame to do the work.  .


Extra Credit:  Extra credit will not be given at any time during the year.


I look forward to a great year.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.