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Kerry Doll

Language Arts

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East High School - Wichita, Kansas

Friends University - Wichita, Kansas

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Teach middle school??  NO WAY!  Yep, that was me after graduating from Friends University with a degree in education, and a minor in English.  I spent the next few years teaching 2nd and 3rd graders at Bryant Elementary in Wichita.   After Adam was born I taught part time kindergarten at Benton and Riverside schools.  Anna came 2 years later and then Aaron 3 years after that. I quit teaching to stay home and decided to homeschool my children during the majority of their elementary years.  We had a blast!  I consider those years some of my fondest memories. I also taught one year at Central Christian Academy.  Adam and Anna attended Trinity Academy for high school. Aaron wanted to play football, which was not available there at the time. Some friends said we should try Andover!  Since we live in Wichita, I got a job in 2000 at AMS and AHS helping the nurse so that Aaron could attend AHS.  The following year I became office manager at AMS. Then a part time teaching position opened up. I thought back to my adamant statement upon graduation 37 years earlier and had to smile.  During those two years in Andover I grew to know and love a lot of very neat kids.  Fortunately for me, I took the Language Arts job and have been here ever since!

I am also blessed to have the love and support of a wonderful family.  John, my husband of almost 39 years, is a letter carrier.  He delivers to many businesses in the downtown area. He is also a skilled woodworker and great "handyman."  I am truly spoiled!  Our oldest son Adam is married to Abbe’.  We are very fortunate to have them live close to us.  I am blessed to get lots of "Nana" time with their two boys and girl, ages 10, 8, and almost 6.   Adam is a superintendent with Baren Concrete and Abbe’ is a stay-at-home mom. My daughter Anna and her husband Justin live in Nashville, TN.  Justin is a guitarist and keeps busy playing for various artists and also does studio work.  Anna stays home with their three-year old and one-year old sons.  Any day now, they are expecting son number three to arrive! We enjoy visiting them.  Nashville is a beautiful city. Our youngest, Aaron, is a rancher near Washington, KS.  His wife Jessie is a speech therapist for two school districts in that area. They have two sons - one three years old and the other, one year old. 

  I believe a strong family unit is essential to the health and success of every individual. My family is a true source of blessing to me, and I consider it a privilege to also be a part of the Andover family. 

  I am looking forward to a great year with your family!

  Kerry Doll

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