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Daily Schedule

1st hour: (7:50am - 8:36am) --- 7th CC Math with Support

2nd hour: (8:40am - 9:25am) ---7th CC Math with Support Cont.

3rd hour: (9:29am - 10:14am) ---7th Accel Math

4th hour: (10:18am - 11:03am) ---7th Accel Math

5th hour: (11:07am - 12:23pm) ---7th Accel Math

6th hour: (12:27pm - 1:12pm) --- 7th Accel. Math

7th hour: (1:16pm - 2:01pm) --- 7th Math 

8th hour: (2:05pm - 2:50pm) --- Plan Hour

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316-218-4610 X 711
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