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Robin Holt

Mrs. Holt's Math Classes


Plan period: 5th hour 11:07-12:23

Essential Question:  How can we use algebra to solve real world problems?


I have individual pages for each of my courses that I teach.  On these pages, you will find codes and information regarding google classroom, online text, and remind.  Each course also has separate pages with the lesson plans listed.  

My general policies and expectations can be found in the syllabus with a link on the lesson plan for August 22.  I have taken the liberty of pasting an excerpt regarding late work and grading policy below as these sometimes get confused with the polices in other courses. 


Late Assignments:  Your assignment is considered late if you were in class when it was assigned and do not turn it in during the due date’s class period.  Late assignments will be marked “late” in the grade book and will be given partial credit if turned in prior to the chapter test.  Assignments turned in after the chapter test can be checked for correct information but will be given a zero in the grade book.  If you are absent because of a school related activity, you are responsible for finding out what the assignment is and having it completed by the appropriate time.


Grade:  The final grade is weighted as follows:

     30% - Homework, notebook, and take-home or partner quizzes

     70% - In-class/individual quizzes, major projects, and tests

Robin Holt

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