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Hartley, Jayka

Hello parents and guardians and welcome to my page!      school supplies


   My name is Jayka Hartley and I am the 6th grade Resource teacher here at Andover Middle School. I have been married to my husband, Tim, for 30 years. We have two daughters; our older one, a University of Kansas graduate, lives in New York City, and our younger daughter will graduate from Kansas State University this winter. I have been teaching for 15 years and this will be my eight year here at AMS.



I am very lucky to work with two very devoted  paraprofessionals: Angie Lippoldt and Audrey Morris. They work with students in core classes, as well as in Resource class, but are not assigned to individual students.


Your child has a school assigned agenda. It is extremely important that they write in their agenda daily. We empasize to students that keeping an agenda is a life-long skill. Please ask to see your child’s agenda each evening, and ask them to tell you about their day, as well as any homework.


 Resource class is a time for me, with the assistance of my paraprofessionals, to  reinforce and reteach the information and concepts  presented  throughout the day in core classes. This is very different from Study Hall, where students have an opportunity to catch up on late/missing work and to do homework. My focus in Resource is to help your child understand, in a smaller group setting, the information they may have not grasped during the course of the day. Consequently, your child may frequently not complete homework  during Resource class.


 Resource is a PASS/FAIL class. Yout child’s grade will be based on the following criteria:

*agenda 25%

*respect towards adults and peers 25%

*time on task 25%

*attitude 25% 


1st/2nd HOUR Co-teach math with Mrs. Haydon

3rd  HOUR (9:30-10:15) Plan time (this is a good time to contact me!)


5th/6th HOUR Co-teach language arts with Mrs. Henry

7th HOUR Resource

8th Hour Resource

 I am looking forward to a positive school year of learning and growing for each and every one of your children. Please contact me  if you have questions or concerns.


Jayka Hartley


Jayka Hartley

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