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Bacon, Jalayne

Greetings AMS health and PE students, 

Welcome to the fourth quarter!  I know none of us expected this drastic change to how school would look like. I am thankful for the opportunity to continue to be your teacher and finish the year.  Learning will look different, however I am confident we will continue to take care of each other, support one another, and help each other through this time in history.  If you think about it, we are experiencing this globally!! I want to thank you for experiencing learning this way with me. Together, we can finish out the year!! I miss you all and am thankful we are still able to stay connected. 

Moving forward the goal for health and physical education class is to keep in mind the importance of social and mental/emotional health as well as remaining physically active. This will be our focus for the last nine weeks.  You will be provided with some fun ways to stay socially and mentally/emotionally healthy while keeping our physical health a priority. You can even include your family and your new responsibilities as ways to show you are taking ownership of your health.  

Our contact will be primarily through google classroom.  Please make sure you are in the correct health class hour. If you need a code for health class, please email me. Also, be checking your email for google classroom codes for PE. Coming next week you will receive a code to join a full school physical education classroom!!  This will be a cool way to connect, play, and workout with different students other than those just in your class! 

I look forward to hearing from each of you! My office hours will be M/T/Th/F 10-12 and Tuesday 5-7.

You are loved,

Mrs. Bacon

Jalayne Bacon

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