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Welcome to 6th Grade Language Arts  

Update on the Third Quarter

We are halfway through the 3rd quarter and time has been flying by! Students have been working really hard on their argumentative essay. They have each decided on a topic of focus, stated their claim and provided two reasons to support their claim. Then, they dug into some articles to find evidence to support their claim. To round off their essay, the provided a counterargument – which they found challenging when they had such a strong viewpoint on their claim – and evidence, but then came back with a rebuttal to remind the reader of their point of view. It has been a challenging activity, but the students have learned quite a few skills in the process. 

The students are continuing to work on their prefixes and affixes. At this point, they have learned 15 of the most common prefixes, roots, and suffixes. After the test on February 27th, they are going to begin applying their new knowledge as they figure out the meaning of “new words” created by the prefixes, roots, and suffixes they have learned. It should be interesting to see what new words we create!  

Grammar elements are getting ramped up in class, too. The various skills are being implemented throughout the writing process and through our next novel – Behind Rebel Lines, which we will begin in March. 

Lastly, Genius Hour is underway, and I am so excited to see all the different ideas the students are wanted to explore. Last Friday, each student gave their elevator pitch to the class – live or through FlipGrid – to entice their classmates of what they were going to explore over the next twelve weeks. As the students begin to dig deeper into their research, I will be integrating more of the research skills.

As you can see, we have a lot going on, and I enjoy each day of exploration with your student! 


                                      EDPUZZLE COACH



Wednesday, February 21st – Library (AR Book #3 due)

Tuesday, February 27th ‚Äč- Vocabulary Test #4 (affixes, roots, suffixes, and prepositions)

Wednesday, March 7th – Library (AR Book #4 and “Bookmark” due)

Thursday, March 15th – Third Quarter Ends!

Friday, March 16th – NO School! Spring Break begins for students

Monday, March 19th to Friday, March 23rd – NO SCHOOL! Spring Break!     



Every Tuesday and Thursday students can stay till 4:00 to receive assistance on homework or have access to the computer lab to work on keyboarding assignments. If they sign up for homework hub, they are required to stay the entire time, unless they have prior approval from the administration.

The students are not allowed “to hang out” with friends during this time; they will be kept in the homework hub room where the teacher will go through with them over any missing assignments and assist with them on how to get them completed and turned in. This is a wonderful asset for your students. 

Students MUST sign up in the office BY lunchtime on the day of homework hub to attend; otherwise, they will have to wait for the next day. Please be at the school promptly at 4:00 to pick up your child, or they may walk home. Unfortunately, there is no bus service provided. 


If you need to see me in person or need to contact me, I am available from 7:50-8:36 daily. If you plan on meeting with me in person, please give me a day notice. There are times I am not available due to other meetings I may have to attend. 


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